This privacy policy covers every person who visits the website (hereinafter 'Visitor') and who performs actions as available in the website (hereinafter 'Website') including reserving different services online, reading available information, posting feedback and comments, submitting information and data and receiving it (hereinafter 'Services'):

  • to provide services to visitors (e.g. visitors register for services in a beauty salon, they receive the newest information about campaigns and discounts, etc.);
  • to maintain and administer the provision of services;
  • the administrator monitors the process of service provision and develops it;
  • to make offers and suggestions in the website as well as to advertise goods which are relevant to visitors;
  • to offer visitors a wider and diverse range of services;
  • to contact visitors in order to introduce possible changes and give updates about services provided in the website;
  • to use them for direct marketing purposes.

The administrator collects anonymous data about visitors and shares it with third parties such as advertisers. The administrator provides information about numbers of visitors who have viewed certain advertisements by clicking on relative links in the website. He can also share comprehensive demographic statistics about visitors who have clicked on links of corresponding advertisers. During this process no other information or personal data about visitors is disclosed.

The administrator can send emails, post mail, or text message to visitors' mobile phones with information about goods and services which, subject to the administrator's opinion, could be of interest to them. The administrator can coordinate access to available visitor information with third parties so that most interesting offers and new services could be introduced to these visitors. Visitors have a right to decline the information.

Data about visitors' bank accounts and credit cards (some information is submitted to the administrator), telephone numbers and other information can be used to collect and store statistics about services used by visitors.


Information submitted by visitors during their registration as well as any other information accessed by the administrator while visitors use the website to get services is then collected and stored only by the administrator. The administrator has a right to communicate only selected visitor information to third parties on the condition it is not prohibited by the law and it is in accordance with this privacy policy.

The administrator draws visitors' attention to the fact that our website may give links to other websites. In the latter, some personal data about visitors can be accumulated and promotional websites can use 'cookies' and 'web beacons' to collect information about their visitors. The provisions set out in this privacy policy of our administrator rule out the privacy policy of third parties regarding information collection. The administrator is not held responsible for acts of third parties related to the collection of information about visitors.


The administrator uses software and other means which aim to protect the registration and login data of all visitors. Only personnel authorized by the administrator can access visitors' login data.

By registering, visitors confirm and state that they agree to this privacy policy unconditionally and without restrictions. In case visitors do not agree with this privacy policy, they have no right to use any services and must leave the website immediately.

Visitors confirm and declare that they grant the administrator with the right to collect, accumulate, store, use, manage and maintain all available personal data which visitors directly or indirectly submit to the administrator while accessing the website and using services provided or which the administrator collects themselves in accordance with the terms and conditions of this privacy policy.

By agreeing to this privacy policy, visitors confirm and declare their approval of the use of their personal data for direct marketing purposes. Despite this, visitors have a right to refuse to get marketing offers to their email addresses or mobile phones at any time and free of charge. It is the visitors' duty to inform the administrator about their wish to renounce marketing offers.


In order to use certain services visitors can be required to register in the website.

All information provided by visitors during registration, access or by other means is then collected, accumulated, stored, used, managed and maintained at the discretion of the administrator.

The information obtained by the administrator during visitor registration, login and while using the website can be relatively divided into anonymous information and personal data.

Anonymous information. The administrator can collect information which then cannot be applied to individual visitors. This information includes IP numbers, browser and operating system types, and other related data which is then used to guarantee best quality of service to visitors by conducting most efficient operation of the website. It also partly safeguards visitors from illegal login data use, and it allows to monitor and to analyze visitor flows in the website.

Personal data. It is information related to individual visitors, i.e. data subject the identity of whom is known or could be directly or indirectly established using provided data. The administrator can obtain this data during registration when visitors sign in to get certain services. At that stage, visitors provide the following data: name, last name, email address, telephone number and/or other information required.


All accumulated visitor information is used, managed and maintained at the discretion of the administrator and in accordance with legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

The administrator collects, accumulates, organises, uses, manages and maintains personal data in order to:

The administrator reminds that visitors themselves are responsible for the security of their login data. The administrator requests visitors to use and protect their login data carefully. Visitors must log out from the browser on completion of work to ensure that nobody will access the visitors' personal data and other information, esp. in cases when visitors use public computers (e.g. internet cafe, library).

The administrator is committed to protect visitors' personal data available to him. As the information is sent on the internet, the administrator warns that he cannot possibly guarantee the security of any information while in transfer, including personal data.


Visitors have a right to access free of charge the submitted and stored personal data, to change, block and delete it, and to claim to refrain from using their personal data for direct marketing purposes. To do this, visitors apply to the administrator by email at


The administrator has a right to unilaterally make amendments in this privacy policy, and the changes take effect when they are announced in the website. If visitors use the website and services after the announcement about changes in the privacy policy, they are considered to have agreed to all changes. If visitors reject changes in the content of the privacy policy they lose their right to use services.